Hey all, we’ve got some amazing people who are going to be selling you some awesome Teen Wolfy things and we wanted to give you a heads up as to who they are and what you can expect!

Eri // Hellbound Ride Buttons

Eri will be bringing an assortment of buttons and keychains and all sorts of adorableness!

Melissa // Kreugan

Melissa is going to be selling prints of her lovely artwork! 

Kendra // Kendrawcandraw

Kendra is going to be selling prints, stickers, minicomics and commissioned artwork! 


Daunt is going to be bringing an assortment of items to sell including prints, bookmarks, and her delicious Teen Wolf themed teas! 

They’ll be in the vendor room, which will be open all three convention days, selling their merch so make sure to pop in there during some down time and check it out!

Hey guys!  Check out the other awesome vendors for this coming weekend! :D 

Yes come say hi!! I’d love to meet some of you there.




Hook echoed blankly, and it was then, but not till then, that his proud spirit broke. He saw his men draw back from him. ‘Have we been captained all this time by a codfish!’ they muttered. ‘It is lowering to our pride.’ They were his dogs snapping at him, but, tragic figure though he had become, he scarcely heeded him. Against such fearful evidence it was not their belief in him that he needed, it was his own. He felt his ego slipping from him.’

“he is more myself than i am. whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

this is a cold war - dead men weapons forged from the ashes of old superpowers; the war unfought now fighting in the streets. how do we come back from this. (remember who you are) +listen +keep