Commission Information


To discuss specific commission details and pricing, please contact me at Larger or commercial projects may be exceptions from the waitlist process - if in doubt, ask!

Payment via Paypal only.

Rough Pricing Guidelines:

Colored busts are $30 - [example] [example] [example]

All other commissions start at a baseline of $50 for either a full-color 2/3 figure or a B&W full-body sketch (rough shading). Anything beyond these starting points will cost more, for example:

  • backgrounds, multiple characters, complex details, etc.
  • additional refinement or detailing beyond what you see in the examples.
  • requests for extensive changes after initial progress has been made and approved may also cost extra.

Examples of B&W vs. color:

B&W - sketch, rough shading (digital):
[Example] [Example] [Example] [Example]

Colored illustration (digital):
[Example] [Example] [Example] [Example]

Misc: These prices apply to private (personal use) commissions only. I retain all commercial rights to the images, including the right to use them in a portfolio/commission sample capacity.