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Re: questions about conventions, I’ll be attending both Bitecon in April and DCC in June, and will likely have a table at both! I’ll have updates closer to the cons, and obviously am open to suggestions for prints to bring.

p.s. sorry for the boring text posts

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I’m a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.

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Hey, Teen Wolf fandom! I was thinking about getting Tyler Posey a nice gift for BiteCon in April, and was sort of stumped on what individual present to get him—but given all of the money he’s raised himself for Leukemia Lymphoma Society, I thought it would be amazing if we could pool our efforts to raise money on his behalf. 

LLS is a charity that’s close to my heart since my dad suffered from lymphoma and passed away a few years ago, and I was lucky enough to walk with Tyler and Seana at Light the Night in LA this past fall in my dad’s memory. A lot of you guys probably know that Tyler’s Serengetee line goes towards LLS, and at DOTW this past weekend he raised several thousand dollars for LLS by auctioning off Teen Wolf scripts. I had the chance to thank him for his work with them there, and he seemed so moved by the fans who have helped him raise money for the charity. 

He has such a kind heart and is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine celebrities I’ve ever met, and I think it would be wonderful if we could put money towards an amazing cause in his name to thank him for everything he’s done.

I’ve made a gofundme charity page, so all donations will go directly to LLS. Even if you can only donate a couple of dollars, any amount helps! And if you can’t donate, signal boosting this so that as many Teen Wolf fans as possible see it that would be amazing. I’d like to present him with some sort of certificate showing him how much we’ve raised in his honor at BiteCon, so we have a little under two months to raise money—I’ve set our goal at $5000—but I believe in you guys! Fandom’s always great about coming together for things like this. 

I’m not personally affiliated with LLS or with gofundme, so if you have specific questions about either of them, your best bet is to check out their websites/FAQs here:

Thank you guys so much! I know this will mean the world to him and anyone who has been affected by blood cancers.

The page to donate is here, and please spread the word:

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Hi guys!! Just a note that I’m slowly crawling back to life on twitter as well as here. I’m awful with tumblr asks, but I’ll try to stay on top of stuff over there! I’ll probably use it to post small sketches as well, though they might make it over here via sketchdumps eventually.

Scott, you’re my brother.

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After seeing the success of tumblr user righteouspumpernickel's Crystal Reed Appreciation Project I decided I would follow in her footsteps and create a Tyler Posey/Scott McCall Appreciation Project.

In the past, Scott McCall has sadly not always received a ton of love/attention from the Teen Wolf fandom, something Tyler Posey himself has noted which absolutely breaks my heart. Recently he touched on the subject of people only watching the show for sterek and I hate that he thinks there is a portion of this fanbase that does not think Scott McCall is an absolute McCutie. 

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