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    Thank goodness this is pretty much over.
  2. roffles said: Can you and Kate just like, get on a plane and come over plz? :\
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    It’s crazy that these fires popped up and the High Park fire has been burning for over two weeks and is only just now at...
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    God I hope my family’s okay…
  9. miss-cole said: Scary! Please be careful!
  10. starnosemole said: Oh no, not more… :(
  11. banana-rainbow said: Hope everyone got out right! :( Poor forrest aswell…
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    This is life outside my doorstep right now.
  13. lanaranjita said: Please be careful!
  14. mercuryse7en said: fucking hell
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    [[ This is my home, too. We evacuated to the next city south this evening.]]
  17. foxvault said: jfc D: You and your people stay safe kreugan, x
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  19. still-sophistory said: Jfc. Stay safe, dude. :(
  20. phobs-heh said: holy shit O___o
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    Oh hey. It’s my State. =/ Could you maybe stop that whole… being on fire thing? You’re stressing everyone out. Ugh. I...
  23. ashdisneyc88 said: That’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Be safe.
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  25. brianne333 said: wow that is awful :(
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    sorry if i havent been very attentive lately. this is what ive been dealing with. evacuations just 5 miles from my house...
  28. loopthelambdoid said: Oh no! D: I hope they’ve managed to take at least some of their stuff with them in the evacuation process!
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    Welcome to my town. I really, really need that infrared map to update asap with tonight’s readings so I can see if my...
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