Thank you

Sorry for the emotional blogging last night, guys - but thank you so, so much for all of the messages of support and concern, it really means the world. I just wanted to post an update to say I am safe and sound, staying with family until things calm down. So no worries on my behalf, but please keep the evacuees and firefighters in your thoughts!!

  1. fairyincombatboots said: I’m so happy to hear you’re alright! You’re my favorite artist on here and you seem like a genuinely sweet person. Best wishes! :D
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  4. rahleighbecket said: glad you’re safe!
  5. caffeespresso said: You have NOTHING to apologise for, seriously. I bet everyone who follows you are concerned and sending good vibes. We hope things get better soon.
  6. minasithil said: Good to hear it <3!
  7. lanaranjita said: I’m so glad that you’re okay! :) I hope the evacuees and firefighters are safe and that they can stop the flames.
  8. snakeslide said: Wonderful! It’s great to hear that you’re safe….all my hope and wishes to everyone else,too.
  9. zombieaurora said: Glad to hear you’re doing well!!!
  10. -wondersmith said: good to hear you’re safe!
  11. taylorthebloody said: happy you’re ok, and hope others will be too *hugs*
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