November 6 (7?). Missed a few days!! Anyway I want to do a series with standard hero tropes as ladies at some point.

November 3 (reference).

November 2.

everyone act surprised!! anyway nursing my hand back into drawing mode. i’m going to try really hard to do a sketch-a-day here even if it’s like, a floating arm.

some sketchbook stuff and exercises/things abandoned in random folders. both teen wolf sketches obviously referenced from screencaps!

pen sketches!


mORE FROM MELISSA she’s just so great

anyway, this is my own (as in, not Warcraft related) OC, Mordecai.  He is a demon (but really he is an earth spirit) and the deuteragonist of this story I am writin’ called FAMILIAR.  I’m going to work on this a lot over the summer so you will hear more of him soon :v


adrasteius is conjuring fire because he doesn’t want to wear a fuckin’ suit


various sketch commissions! more of these will be rolling out soon