pen sketches!

sketches, gesture drawing tool used for refs

I’m so sorry for my lack of activity around here and re: art in general, fallen into kind of a rough time and stress has been hitting my productivity hard. BUT I’M COMING BACK I SWEAR….. thanks so much for sticking around, and for your patience if you’re waiting on something from me!

Quick sketch of Alor I did a few days ago. Might start digging up more of my OCs from the abyss of my hard drives since I’m apparently too lazy to design new ones these days!

Referenced from some of my dad’s photography. Happy father’s day!!

oops thought I posted this last night?? Must have gotten distracted by my fight with AVALI that punk

anyway doodling while at a tabletop thing!

D&D character, Fenrick von Wolfenstein

Star Wars tabletop character doodles

Concept for my TOR tabletop scout character, Jasati Renner (what no I did not use Jeremy Renner’s last name what are you talking about)