Top 10 favorite Nathan/Kelly moments.

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Practice 1


I am getting so obsessed with the colours in… everything. x-x

I get these phases where I just want to paint stuff, I’m sure that’s very obvious now. xD I-I’m scared of the Misfits but Mr. Sheehan is so pretty. <3

yes I am covering my tumblr in Nathan


Why He’s Hot: 

  1. This long, lean son of a bitch is Nathan, the “leader” of the Misfits. I mean he’s not really the leader, he’s more like the annoying pretentious ridiculous guy that demands all the attention in the group so he usually gets it. Or as Curtis would call him, the “prick”. But it just works
  2. Look at that head full of wild poofy curls! Imagine twisting your fingers up in that shit while he goes to town on your vaginal regions. And those pretty green eyes? Yes, you want to get lost in those things, it’s OK. I do too
  3. He DGAF. He will shit in your bed, call you a cunt or a midget or a melon fucker, punch you in the nose, throw a brick at your car - whatever he fucking wants - and you’ll love every second of it because it just makes him who he is, and who he is is ~amazing and glorious and beautiful~.
  4. The beautiful bastard is immortal. He can’t die. I mean, he can but he always comes back. He’ll be with you forever and ever, amen. And who wouldn’t want that?
  5. Did I mention that he’s Irish? No? Well, yeah. That accent. Definitely enough said.