New still from Iron Man 3.

Sketches for some stuff I am mailing! Lady Thor and Lady Tony.


“See? I told you you’d have fun.” 

Tony and Bruce, hanging out in the rubble after the battle. Last one of these two for now. I think. My apologies to all my non-avengers-fan followers for posting all these. X)

Previous Science Bros sketches: 1 and 2

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Quick fan art sketch. Tony and Bruce, hangin’ out at Stark Tower, being science bros doin’ science stuffs. (Slight spoilers, maybe?) 

ugh god this movie. *_*

don’t worry melissa I’m still working on hawkeye

OH MAN THEIR EXPRESSIONS ARE SO CUTE and holy balls Julie Dillion is drawing Avengers this is GORGEOUS

IT’S OKAY YOU CAN DRAW WHATEVER YOU WANT YOU OWE ME NOTHING besides the day you draw Hawkeye I will be a puddle on the floor so save it for a day when I don’t have to work ok


Oh God. Can you imagine a huge Marvel mega fest in about 5 or 6 years? GOD THE FEELS.

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