Quick holiday card for this year, redraw of a Victorian card (minus the Exorcist head hopefully). I’ll be working and then with family all tomorrow, so posting early. Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Went to the Book & Paper Fair, here is my sweet bounty.

Top Right:

Nice looking these Provencals, dark like Italians.

Bottom Left:

"The" Shrewsbury School is indeed famous - mostly "Titled" peoples sons go there - extremely "la de da" & all that you know old bean! What! What! The boys wear pin-striped trousers & silk toppers & tails on a Sunday - In summer they wear the old boaters - Tally ho!

Yes more Victorian Catwoman, not what I should be doing, eeeek

"Victorian" Catwoman lol. :T I need to figure out better settings for digital sketching, way too harsh.